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I've been trying to define what my own ideology is. I can usually find a flaw in a certain ideology or philosophy, which makes it hard for me to identify with it. I figured I would write down my current ideologies that I really believe in though. They may change in the future.

I am against discrimination. I think most people are, even if they're white and male. Sexism and racism are blatantly wrong to me. I consider myself an egalitarian, ableit up to a point. People are different and should be treated fairly as individuals with respect to those differences.

Some things which may sound sexist, like that men on average have more upper body strength than women, are in my opinion actually just facts based on our biology. The same argument can be used to say that women have more general endurance than men. Googling male muscle mass vs female lead me to this article which seems to have relevant citations. You could argue that this must have different impacts on the abilities of male versus female. I'm sure the same kind of differences could be found between "races" and in other areas which might affect ability, but the idea makes me very uncomfortable.

Either way, I think that while these differences exist they are mostly irrelevant to modern life. The ability of greater upper strength found in men as opposed to women won't make a difference when it comes to the average desk job. Only in outlying scenarios, like sports and military vocations it becomes something you definitely have to be aware of.

The average desk job is where discrimination really does not make sense to me. One should not be paid less for a job or have less opportunities of promotion because of sex or gender. It also disturbs me that fields of work dominated by women such as nursing are paid much less than those dominated by men like IT despite the fact that there is just as big a demand and as much prior education required for the professions traditionally dominated by women as those dominated by men. Because that shows me that gender discrimination is ingrained into culture in most places.

I love diversification. This may be as a result from having lived abroad and gone through so many different schools while growing up. I enjoy people with different cultures, talking to people with the same as me is boring. New cultures bring new ways of thinking and new ideas. And delicious food.

Even though I'm not religious I don't have any problems getting along with people who are. I consider myself agnosticist, so I don't claim to have any knowledge in that area. In a sense religious people are more interesting to me than atheist, because being atheist seems to imply there is a rational answer to everything which I think is false from a philosophical standpoint. There will always be an unanswered question regarding our existence, and we as humans will not always be. Therefore the existence of a "god" is always possible. Even if I highly doubt it in the sense of a diety described in the typical religions, saying there is no possiblity is just stupid. Of course, religious extremists which try to push their views on you are just as awful. Be respectful of each others beliefs.

I believe in rationality in controlled, closed-off systems. Otherwise I think it is dangerous to assume things. Chess is rational, while Humans are irrational. Every move in chess is logically predictable, humans do not make perfectly rational decisions. My line of thinking here is very much influenced by the books "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by authors I don't remember right now and "Antifragile" by Nassim Taleb.