About me

Hello! I’m not sure what brings you here, but you’re welcome all the same. On this site you should expect to find some of my personal thoughts and projects. I write here mostly for myself to reference and remember past things I’ve done or thought.

About Me

I’m a Swedish guy based in Berlin, Germany. I’m currently employed at Klarna as a Security Engineer.

At one point I studied computer science at KTH. I graduated from there with a master degree 🍾

I also ran my own company writing scrapy bots and performing some pentesting, however right now it is pretty much on ice.

In the past I also worked for Awave, Payson, briefly at Bambora, then I moved to Berlin where I worked at Wellnow, then N26, and now at Klarna.

In my free time I like to play games, watch movies or read books.

My favourite fast food is korean bulgogi from Mmaah, in Berlin, although shawarma with rice or potatoes from Libanon Grill, in Stockholm comes a close second. Chipi Chipi Bombón, in Berlin makes my favourite ice cream.

Programming 🛠️

I feel fairly proficient in any of these languages: Python, Golang, Java, C/C++, C#, PHP, SQL, JavaScript.

Given the choice, I like to do my programming in Golang and Linux. However a lot of work I’ve done involves the previously mentioned languages.

Ideally, I’d pick the language for the task, since they are more or less the similar in structure. Typically I adapt to what the team I work with needs.

Check out my github-page for some of my (mostly incomplete) projects and code.

Security 🛡️

I have a few years of security experience at this point, and it’s what I work with.

  • I’ve done a fair bit of whitehat hacking, disclosing vulnerabilities to companies/organizations, ask me at some point and I can probably tell you some stories.
  • I’ve helped build a SOC and been part of that rotation, though briefly.
  • These days I work mainly with Threat Modeling, and tooling that helps developers write more secure code.